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Old Bisbee High Lofts Project Economic Impact*

  • Property Tax - 1st 10 years   $864,000

  • Project local spend 1st 10 years $3,482,523

  • Short and long term city rental tax - 1st 10 years $2,080,000

  • Construction Tax $792,000

Total estimated City of Bisbee - Cochise County taxes for 1st 10 years. $7,218,523

Indirect economic impact. 11,483 annual visitors. Average spend $50.00 each.  1st 10 years $5,741,500

TOTAL ECONOMIC IMPACT 1st 10 years.  $12,960,023

Project expected to generate approximately 35 full time employees for duration of the construction period. 

Project would require approximately 27 hotel and vacation rental rooms per week for workers traveling from out of town.

* The numbers above are estimates based on currently available data.  

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